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          Current Openings

          HRG believes that talent is its greatest asset and the backbone of its future. That’s why we are dedicated to building a successful team with people who are energetic and dynamic, full of ideas and not afraid to challenge. We value talents. That’s why we work hard to help our employees achieve their career goals. HRG cultivates a culture of learning as a natural part of the company’s development and encourages our employees to improve their professional knowledge and skills through continuous education. We are actively engaged with people who share the same values with HRG, and do our best to provide friendly working environment,competitive salary, and a wide range of career training programs. For those who strive to excel, sky is the limit.

          Career at HRG

          We value talents and provide them appropriate position for better work performances.

          We encourage sharing, studying and sustainable self-exploration.

          We promote continuously innovation and development.

          Address: Xingkai Road(near Dalian Road), Pingfang District, Harbin, CHINA

          • Tel:400-047-9995

          • Fax:0451-51051503

          • Mail:hrg@hitrobotgroup.com

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