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          HRG INTG Showcased at 2021 China Beijing Attractions Expo


          HRG’s Biosphere company Jiangsu HRG Intelligence & Innovation Technology Group (HRG INTG) made its debut at China Beijing Attractions Expo (CAE 2021) on May 22-24. As a solution provider, HRG INTG was honored the High-quality Cultural Tourism Equipment Enterprise of Ferris Award at the concurrently-held 2021 China Cultural Tourism Industry Development Conference.

          During the Expo, HRG INTG showcased multiple high-tech robot exhibits and amusement equipment and has attracted extensive attentions. In addition to the magnificent mecha cattle, it also presented various product contents such as flying ball screen cinema, fun shooting game, talk-show theater, somatosensory robot in digital form.

          The event witnessed a good recovery of the cultural tourism industry. HRG INTG constantly enriches the category of products and contents in the process of innovation, and supports the new business form, new model and new development of the high-tech cultural tourism industry.

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