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          The Android System in Robotics Field - HRG Xuanyuan Robot Operating System


          HRG Xuanyuan Robot Operating System, launched in 2019, has been appraised as the Android system in robotics field. Embedded with self-developed intelligent real-time OS architecture - AIRT-ROS, the system is integrated with brain-like intelligence and human-like behavior functions, and has realized the integration of intelligence and synchronization.

          The Xuanyuan ROS supports real-time and non-real-time task execution, compatible with ROS and the hardware of major robot manufacturers. Users can work on APP development independently. Stable application to multiple product lines of HRG ecosystem has been realized since the system’s launch. In 2020, Xuanyuan was successfully deployed in almost 10 projects covering legged robots, wheeled robots, tracked robots, humanoid robots, etc. The system has also been improved and optimized during the process. Currently, the team are working on the development of the next generation of Xuanyuan system.

          Through practical application, the Xuanyuan ROS has won recognition from the industry. Xuanyuan’s partners include companies from aerospace, railway, communications, robotics and many other areas. In the future, the system will continue to provide core technical support for the development of domestic robotics industry.

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