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          The Application of Digital Twin Technology in Scientific Research and Education Areas


          HRG Hot Air Balloon, a company born from the Simulation Team of HRG Hefei Institute, is focused on exploring the application of digital twin technology in scientific research and education areas.

          The team has independently developed the SimReal Industrial Simulation Service Platform, which provides simulation service for structure, mechanism, heat transfer, fluid, special equipment optimization and intelligent factory scheme at product design, testing and application stages.

          Based on the SimReal service platform, the team has developed customized virtual simulation experimental courses, combined with the schools’ training programs and real industrial cases. It provides teaching service for schools and robot training institutions as well as software service for middle and small-sized enterprises.

          Relying on digital twin technology, the team has made important achievements in robot teaching, visualization of intelligent manufacturing system, network model library of intelligent manufacturing equipment and other fields.

          The digital twin technology can effectively improve the reliability and availability of products, meanwhile, greatly save the input in actual experimental environments and reduce the cycle time of product research and development.
          Logistics Simulation
           Robot Teaching Application Case

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