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          The 2021 Blue Book of Robot Industry Is Released Today


          Annual Report on Development of Robot Industry in China (2020-2021), jointly written by HRG International Institute (Hefei) of Research and Innovation and China Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation, is officially published online today.


          As the second blue book in the series, the report conducts a pioneering analysis of China’s robot industry from five aspects including region, capital, talent, patent and innovation. It studies the path and mechanism of industrial development and makes an authoritative judgment on the development trend and direction. The report shows that the number of robot-related patents filed in China has ranked first in the world, accounting for 44% of the total robot-related patent applications published globally by the end of 2019. Sensors and robot software which are playing an increasingly important role in the intelligent process of robots are listed as new-type core components for the first time in the report. The blue book aims to provide forward-looking and objective first-hand data and trend analysis of industrial development.

          The report systematically summarizes and analyzes China’s robot industry from a scientific and rigorous perspective, hoping to provide authoritative, full and accurate information about the development of domestic robot industry for relevant government departments, enterprises, scientific research institutions, investment institutions and other industrial entities. The blue book is now available on Amazon, Dangdang, JD, Dedao, Xianxiao-Academy and other major online bookstores. 

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