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          Origin Pilot - The First Domestic Quantum Computer OS Launched by Origin Quantum


          The HRGBiosphere company Origin Quantum launched the first domestic quantum computer operating system Origin Pilot on February 8. The Origin Pilot OS can improve the operating efficiency of quantum computers by several times, according to the testing results.


          The Origin Pilot OS is developed with new functions such as systematic resource management, multi-task parallel computing and automatic calibration of quantum chips. It is compatible with a variety of quantum computing systems, and can connect users to high-performance quantum computer workstations with multiple quantum processors, including superconducting quantum processors, semiconductor quantum processors, ion trap quantum processors and hybrid quantum processors.


          In China, only a few companies provide quantum computing services to the public, such as Origin Quantum. How to use quantum computing resources efficiently and stably is a new problem to solve. Referring to the ideas of classical computer hardware and software resource management, the development of quantum computer operating system has become the best way to effectively manage and utilize quantum computing resources.


          The Origin Pilot OS will be further updated according to the company’s yearly plan, and users can experience it through Origin Quantum’s cloud platform.

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