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          HRG Intelligent Patrol Robot - A New Anti-pandemic Solution


          HRG Intelligent Patrol Robot, developed by the Intelligent Equipment Research Institute of HRG Hefei Institute, is a new product designed to carry out patrol inspection for multiple scenarios. It can achieve a 24-hour observation of 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical to effectively reduce human contact during the pandemic.

          Based on the independently developed real-time operating system HRG Xuan Yuan, the patrol robot can automatically create digital navigation map and mark the patrol route and inspection locations according to the surrounding environment. It can identify the abnormal or dangerous behaviors of people within the monitoring range through big data analysis and deep learning, automatically make video recordings and send out alarm signals in the background.

          The intelligent unmanned trend in various industries has provided many possibilities for HRG Intelligent Patrol Robot. In addition to airports, customs and hospitals, the robot can be customized for many different scenes.

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